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Providing advice, strategic analysis, and training on the economic benefits of plug-in vehicles to businesses and fleets. 
Whether you are an Electric Vehicle (EV) novice, expert, or somewhere in between, we help determine the most advantageous way to integrate electric vehicles into your business operations. 
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Our goal is simple: To make fleet managers aware of the incredible cost savings that are possible when plug-in hybrids (PHEV's) are utilized for short-distance/city-driving cycles.
Provide training to car dealers on the economic benefits of plug-in hybrids and to fleet managers on operational best practices.

Reach out to government/education/corporate fleets to inform them of their options with respect to PHEV's; advocate for PHEV's at various events, seminars, educational institutions, etc.
Undertake a comprehensive analysis of a company's fleet vehicles and driving patterns; making appropriate recommendations for PHEV's and charging infrastructure based on this data.
utilizing user surveys, telematics, etc., to review all relevant parameters before and after conversion to PHEV: gasoline expenditures, electric bills, maintenance, driving patterns, and driver feedback, etc.


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