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Hybrids are no longer a classification, rather just a feature of cars from reputable manufacturers we trust. Charging can happen within 15 minutes, towing capacity rivals traditional engines, charges have a much further range, and of course, the cost per gallon is unrivaled. The current average cost per gallon equivalent is as little as 35 cents per gallon

When we adapt EV’s, we pressure oil and gas companies to become competitive with our local utility companies. Cheaper prices for us, and more money back to our own economy. It’s a winning solution for our local community.

Is hybrid and electric vehicles (EV) right for my business?

Probably. Most EV’s pay for themselves.


But to be sure, our experts perform one on one consultations to learn your unique business scenarios, and provide you bottom line numbers on expenses as well as savings. At that point, if you feel comfortable about the future of EV in your business, we will help you take the next steps to make the transition.

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Changing Attitudes Towards Automobiles

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