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Startup CEO Seeks Administrative Assistant

How the role works

I need someone to partner with, who can be fully trusted with managing my calendar, my email, my contacts, as well as coordinating aspects of both my professional and my personal life. 

Your efforts will relieve me of administrative work so that I can focus on responsibilities that come with leading the company. 

What you will be doing

-Managing my agenda, calendar, and appointments

-Handling phone calls and client correspondence

-Making sure all expenses are properly recorded

-Maintaining databases, creating reports and keeping our electronic files in order

-Coordinating lunches and meetings with our team, key customers and partners, and other constituents

-Collecting and driving a list of key decisions I need to make each day, such as: important emails, invitations,

deadlines, reminders, etc.

-Coordinating office activities and operations ensuring things are running efficiently at top velocity

-Taking on random tasks that are important to me but difficult to complete in between a day fully booked with meetings

What you will bring to this position

- Courteous and professional attitude

-Team player

-Enthusiasm for the vision of the company

-Superior command of office technology, programs and apps

-Exceptional organizational skills

-Access to a smartphone, computer/laptop, and high-speed internet

What you will enjoy

-Flexible Hours and location: 

  *minimum of 10 hrs/week

  *work from home or the location of your choosing

  *occasional on-site meetings may be required

-Compensation: $20/hour


  *gain valuable experience working at a startup

  *potential for future full-time positions within the company

Ready to apply?

Submit your résumé to

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