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Low cost

It costs as little as 35 cents per gallon-equivalent to fuel a plug-in vehicle based on city-driving conditions and local power rates, which are amongst the lowest in the country.


81% of EV charging is done at home! Plug-in hybrids have smaller batteries that can fully charge overnight using standard wall
outlets, which are ubiquitous.



Electricity prices don't vary greatly over long periods of time. Any changes are minimal and subject to public review and advance notice. Gasoline prices are much more volatile and subject to geo-political, weather, and other risk factors .


Local and Domestic

Most of each dollar spent on electricity stays local or regional and none of it leaves the U.S.; by contrast, up to 50% of the gasoline supply is derived from imported/out-of- state crude oil.



Using electricity reduces tailpipe emissions by shifting harmful pollutants away from populated areas to remote power plants or eliminates them completely with use of renewables.


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